The story behind Katy Perry’s COVID test earrings

Call it Omicron couture.

Ahead of Katy Perry’s performance on the “Saturday Night Live” stage over the weekend, the pop star teased her appearance on Instagram in a pair of wacky statement earrings fashioned from COVID-19 tests.

“I cleared,” she cracked while showing off the bedazzled accessories.

But while campy style moments are nothing new for the “When I’m Gone” crooner, who’s cosplayed everything from hand sanitizer to toiler paper during the pandemic, her COVID-themed earrings came courtesy of Carolina García, a 21-year-old student from Málaga, Spain.

“On New Year’s Eve, I didn’t have anything red to wear, so I saw a bunch of antigen tests from Christmas and instantly had the idea of turning them into earrings,” García told Page Six Style of the inspiration behind the design.

Carolina García models her crafty design.Courtesy of Carolina García

When she posted a photo of her quirky creation on Instagram, where she goes by @rrakkata, it swiftly racked up more than 15,000 likes — and caught the eye of Perry’s longtime stylist, Johnny Wujek, who commissioned several pairs for his superstar client.

But García, who decorated the earrings with the help of several pals, said she “didn’t expect” Perry to tag her on social media while showing them off, and began “jumping for joy” when she got the notification.

“I appreciated it a lot,” she said. “I showed her Story to my friends and we gagged!”

García and her friends packaged Perry’s earrings in pandemic-approved fashion.Courtesy of Carolina García

Now, the crafty designer’s being flooded with requests from fans eager to purchase their own pairs.

“We are working to [make a] website and sell the earrings worldwide as soon as possible,” García said. “Me and my team of friends are working so hard right now to put everything together.”

While she hasn’t yet settled on a price, García hopes the eye-catching accessories make a sustainability impact along with a style statement, “since right now there are no [recycling] points for used tests.”

García glammed up a pair of old antigen tests with crystals and charms, but never guessed her design would go viral.Courtesy of Carolina García

Much like Perry’s music, however, the earrings are ultimately meant to make people smile.

“[They’re about] taking the COVID pandemic and turning it into something that people can wear in a shiny, funny and campy way, in order to endure these hard times,” García told us, quipping, “The only negativity we’ll accept in 2022 is our antigen tests.”