The Duke of Cambridge, in the uniform of a newspaper seller, The Big Issue, shocked a London taxi driver

Like Kate Middleton, Prince William pays a lot of attention to charitable initiatives. Yesterday, he just took part in one of them: the Duke of Cambridge tried on the role of a newspaper seller on the streets of Westminster, a lively area within walking distance of Buckingham Palace. Prince William sold fresh issues of The Big Issue, a publication that specializes in covering the social problems of British society.

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The newspaper is considered one of the best-selling in England, and the help of a member of the royal family will help draw even more attention to the issues raised on its pages. Despite the fact that Prince William was dressed in the red uniform of The Big Issue, he did not manage to remain unrecognized by the locals and passers-by. Taxi driver Neil Kramer, who was charging his electric car, was the first to recognize him when the Duke of Cambridge approached him. Later, talking with reporters from Femail, Neil admitted that after talking with the prince, he even “wanted to pinch himself” because he did not believe his own eyes. Prince William asked me if I would like to buy the latest issue of The Big Issue. When I realized who it was, I was shocked but still found the strength to answer with consent. Then he sold a couple of issues of the newspaper to other gentlemen, and we had a nice chat for another 15 minutes,” Kramer said. He also called Prince William “a charming man who will never forget.” He added that Prince William was attractive and polite and that he had never forgotten his name. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have previously spoken of their involvement with charities close to their heart, often influenced by their mother, the late Princess Diana.