Taylor Lautner’s fiancée disclosed she was in adoration with Robert Pattinson

Many girls who grew up in the 2000s once faced one of the most challenging questions – Edward or Jacob? Each of these Twilight characters had its formidable fan club. And the girls often quarreled among themselves, trying to prove who was more suitable for the main character Bella Swan.

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As it turned out, the lover of Taylor Lautner – the performer of the role of Jacob – was originally in Edward’s team. On her Tiktok page, Taylor Dome revealed all the cards: “It’s time to confess.” She did this as part of a challenge where girls first have to show their childhood love and then the person with whom they are now in a relationship. In the first two photos, Dome showed Robert Pattinson, hinting that in her youth, she was in love with his hero, Edward Cullen. And the actor himself, judging by the words of Taylor, she also really liked. And in the last frame, Taylor Lautner appeared, playing the role of Jacob. The video came out pretty funny. “That’s what happens. You love Edward all your life, and then you marry Jacob”, “Life can turn out any way you like,” and “The girl from Edward’s team lives with Jacob. It’s even funny, “It seems to me that in real life, “Twilight” would have ended with the wedding of Bella and Jacob, and then she would have continued to dream of Edward all her life, “Internet users laughed. Lautner portrayed Werewolf Jacob Blake in all five Twilight Saga films, completing the series’ basic love triangle with Stuart, 32, opposite Bella Swan, and Pattinson, 36, with Edward Cullen. As a result of the recent streaming of the Vampire Fantasy movie series on Netflix, Lautner opened up about the new generation of fans coming to the Twilight franchise for the first time. “Before that, to be honest, it was basically the ‘twin mothers’ who still stopped me in the streets,” he said with a laugh.