Rihanna boldly goes pantsless in freezing NYC

When you’re as hot as Rihanna, trousers are totally optional — even in the dead of winter.

The ever-stylish and famously pants-averse Bad Gal flashed her legs in frigid NYC not just once, but twice in the span of a week, bravely risking frostbite for fashion.

On Saturday — when Big Apple temperatures plunged to a low of 13 degrees — Rihanna headed to dinner with boyfriend A$AP Rocky dressed in a Martine Rose football shirt ($405), bright red Balenciaga puffer coat ($3,290) and Miu Miu ski gloves ($675), which we sure hope had hand warmers tucked inside.

And the 33-year-old pop phenom doubled down on her barelegged ways on Monday, visiting Rocky’s recording studio in a vintage jersey paired with orange Prada opera gloves ($1,650) and a matching Goyard mini bag, her Jean Paul Gaultier parka casually slung over her shoulders. At least put your arms through the sleeves, Rih!

The singer’s outfit on Monday looked equally chilly.BeautifulSignatureIG / SplashNew

In the ultimate cold-weather power move (or act of absurdity, depending on your outlook), the superstar went for open-toed heels with both outfits, opting for Amina Muaddi’s sparkling Georgia” sandals ($1,380).

Hopefully she bundles up a bit more before this weekend’s epic snowstorm — after all, even those peekaboo pajama pants are better than nothing.