Javier Bardem dressed up as Bond girl for Daniel Craig

Javier Bardem’s Oscar bait campaign for “Being the Ricardos” just took a very kinky turn.

Bardem, 52, revealed that he once “dressed like a Bond girl” to surprise Daniel Craig, his co-star in the 2012 installment of the 007 franchise, “Skyfall.”

Bardem went on to admit that he popped “out of a cake” to surprise his co-star on his birthday, paying ha-ha homage to screen goddesses such as Ursula Andress and Maude Adams’ “Octopussy.”

A video posted on YouTube Monday features the Spanish actor and Craig, 53, discussing their respective roles in “No Time to Die” and “Being the Ricardos” as part of Variety’s annual “Actors on Actors” series in which thespians politely grill each other for their fans’ viewing pleasure.

During the laughter-filled bro chat, Craig dropped a gender-bending bombshell about their time working together: “I remember you were in drag — but I know that’s a whole other story.”

Bardem went on to admit that he popped “out of a cake” to surprise his co-star on his birthday.

“I was supposed to be the Bond girl that night, and oh, my God, I was,” he revealed. “I sang ‘Happy Birthday  to You,’ my best Marilyn Monroe impersonation. When they told me to sing, I was like, ‘Are you sure of that? Are you sure you want me singing?’ And then I try.”

Meanwhile, Bardem is scoring rave reviews — and Golden Globe and SAG nominations — for his turn as Desi Arnaz opposite Nicole Kidman’s Lucille Ball in Aaron Sorkin’s acclaimed biopic of the passionate-but-doomed couple.

Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem share an intimate scene in the 2012 James Bond film, “Skyfall.”Columbia Pictures/Everett Collection

Craig also had fans buzzing over his bleeding head during the friendly chit chat: “Let me ask you, my friend, this last question: What happened to you here?”‘ Bardem asked while pointing to a wound on Craig’s noggin.

“Where? Did I bash my head?” Craig asked while feeling around his head, as Page Six previously reported. “Have I just got sandwich on my head? Have I done this whole interview — it’s probably a part of a sandwich!”

The Hollywood heartthrobs — by way of Spain and the UK — then broke into a giggle fit before Craig got up to inspect his leaking forehead with a mirror.

“You know what it was? Christ,” Craig explained. “So, they’ve sent me this wonderful ring flash, which I’ve set up with an iPad in the middle of it. And I went like this like that and it just fell on my head just before we started!

“No wonder I get f–king injured every time I do a movie!”