Ezra Miller In Further Legal Trouble; Accused Of Manipulating A Teenager

Ezra Miller has faced a significant amount of trouble with the law recently starting with reports of belligerent behavior from The Flash star in Hawaii where he reportedly assaulted tourists. With his upcoming Flash movie unaffected by the public backlash after the assaulting incident, people thought that Miller’s legal troubles would be behind him but in recent news, the parents of a teenage girl have stepped forward and accused Miller of manipulating their now 18 year old daughter into cult like behavior since the age of 12. The parents have reached out to court and requested a legal restraining order against Miller on behalf of their child.

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According to the reports, the star of Perks of Being a Wallflower first met the child named Takota in 2016 at the Standing Rock Reservation. The story goes on that Miller took an immediate liking to the child and even offered to pay for the child to attend the Bard College in Massachusetts. However, reports say that Takota dropped out of College and has been flying around the country with the movie star. Sources say that Takota also travelled with Miller to Hawaii where the incident involving the assault took place. In the accusation that the parents of Takota have taken to court, the parents have also claimed that Miller used tactics like threat of violence and the use of drugs to manipulate their daughter. Takota on the other hand took to social media to completely deny the claims that her parents re making saying that Miller has been nothing but supportive and loving of her this entire time and that her parent’s accusations against Miller are Transphobic in nature. Takota claims that the reason she dropped out of college was because she had recently lost a friend and needs time and space to deal with the grief.

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The court has agreed to issue a restraining order against Ezra Miller which prevents him from approaching Takota or her family or be within a 100 yards of their residence but the court cannot hand the restraining order to Miller since the whereabouts of the actor along with the teen’s are currently unknown. How these legal troubles will affect the actors career going forward especially the latest Flash project coming out soon remains to be seen.

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