Emmy Rossum’s makeup artist details her shocking Angelyne transformation

It takes a village to transform Emmy Rossum into Angelyne. 

The “Shameless” actor embodies the Los Angeles billboard model for the new Peacock miniseries, and Emmy award-winning makeup artist Mike Mekash detailed the stunning process in a wild time-lapse video on Instagram.

Mekash explained that the process took a whopping five hours, calling the pink style “one of the many looks for Angelyne,” as well as “one of the most challenging,” and “my favorite of her looks!” tagging the rest of the special effects, hair and makeup team. 

In the video, Rossum, 35, looks nothing like her all-natural “Shameless” character Fiona Gallagher. Instead, the mom of one wears three-pound fake breasts, a layer of prosthetics, a teased blond wig, bleached brows and unrecognizable heavy makeup.

Rossum then poses in a hot pink and black fishnet top with matching magenta feather hair accessories. 

“American Horror Story” actor Cheyenne Jackson commented, “Such stellar work Mike!!!!” and Mekash, who worked on the Ryan Murphy show, responded, “It’s really a fun watch. And lots of different looks.” 

Rossum’s husband Sam Esmail, an executive producer on the project, called his wife’s makeover “kind of eerie.” Esmail told The Hollywood Reporter, “When I say that there are times where I did not recognize her because she was lost in this person, I really mean it.”

Emmy Rossum stunned audiences as the hot pink loving billboard model. Peacock

“The Phantom of the Opera” star told THR her character’s heavy 3-pound fake breasts gave her blisters. And proving that beauty is pain, she suffered tear duct issues from wearing two pairs of special contact lenses and heavy eye makeup.

“The Phantom of the Opera” star looked unrecognizable after five hours in the makeup chair. mikemekash/Instagram

Peacock describes Angelyne as “the self-proclaimed Rorschach test in pink,” who became famous for taking “over Los Angeles billboards in the mid-1980s as an enigmatic blonde bombshell, ushering in the era of famous-for-being-famous influencer culture.”

The makeover for the role was so intense that Emmy Rossum’s husband didn’t recognize her. mikemekash/Instagram