Dr. Anthony Fauci Drops Terrible Warning About Omicron Covid Variant

It’s been just revealed that dr. Anthony Fauci dropped an important warning about he latest covid variant called Omicron. Check out the post that The Shade Room shared below. Fauci ‘provided a grim update regarding the latest #Omicron variant of the coronavirus. He stated that not only is Omicron stronger, but it also appears to be “overtaking all other variants including Delta” while moving two and three times as fast,’ TSR notes.

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Someone said: ‘yea he would know, he probably back there flipping and remixing the shit,’ and a commenter said: ‘So we getting another stimmy and vacation or nah.’ A fan said: ‘Listen.., if y’all looking for a reason to bring the PUA back for me to spend it n bring money back into the economy just say that,’ and a commenter posetd this: ‘They done took y’all to the circus how many times now ?’

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Someone else said: ‘It just a couple weeks ago y’all were saying it wasn’t as strong or bad as delta now it is?!!! I’m sick of y’all.’ A fan said: ‘Lmaoo just know a new fucking variant will always pop up out the blue and these news people will try to panic everybody again, this is so exhausting.’ Someone said: ‘We get it, Covid is here to stay. Just keep practicing good hygiene and social distancing! And where your mask regardless of your vaccination status!’ A commenter posted this: ‘They still pushing this bullshit even though most ppl ain’t goin for it, and it’s still working and that’s what’s scary.’ A fan said: ‘So in other words you tryna kill us because the Covid 19 plan didn’t go as planned and not many got vaccinated,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘This is why I avoid the news. I feel like they are pushing mental breakdowns on people at this point. The fear mongering is out of control smh.’ Somoene else posted this: ‘Y’all say all this for what? Everything is still open, so what’s the plan? Tf.’ Mor people shared their opinion in the comments.