Ciara And Russell Wilson Are Flaunting Their Love Via Social Media

Ciara and Russell Wilson are showing off their love via social media. Check out the latest sections that the fans have following seeing the latest photo. A follower posted this message: ‘They are a beautiful couple, they both hit the jackpot….’ Someone else said: ‘It’s giving happy and at peace… not lame at all,’ and a commenter said: ‘Here comes the relationship goal comments in 3,2,1…’ A fan said: ‘Having someone who adores you is top tier,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Here comes Future’s boyfriends about to cry in the comments.’ One follower said: ‘My Ciara prayer not working Russell any advice ?’ and one other follower said: ‘Love them! Ima take peace over destruction, any and everyday.’ A fan said: ‘Russ seems tired. Let that man focus on his work. Lol,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘michael b jordan and lori harvey were never goals.’ Someone else said: ‘Imagine all the grey hair rn if she stayed with future.’