Celebrities wearing Casadei’s ‘Blade’ heels: Madonna, J.Lo, more

Look sharp!

In an industry as trend-focused as fashion, it’s rare that a shoe manages to stick around for several seasons — let alone a decade.

But this month marks the 10th anniversary of Casadei’s “Blade” heel, a favorite of celebrities ranging from pop queens like Madonna and Taylor Swift to A-list actresses including Angelina Jolie and Zendaya.

And these aren’t your standard-issue stilettos; true to its name, the “Blade” shoe is set on a slender, razor-sharp steel spike. In a 2014 interview with the Independent, creative director Cesare Casadei referred to the invention as his “obsession,” adding that it took more than five months to perfect the edgy design.

And it wasn’t long until stars became obsessed, too; Kim Kardashian called her hot pink pair “perfect” way back in 2012, while Victoria Beckham’s been snapped wearing them in at least half a dozen different colors.

In the 10 years since the shoe’s launch, Casadei has branched out from pumps to offer “Blade” boots and sandals in a slew of styles and shades. And this month, to mark the heel’s big birthday, there’s even a special capsule collection featuring sexy metallic and see-through vinyl versions.

Shop our favorites “Blade” heels below, and get some styling inspiration from the stilettoed stars in the gallery above.

Casadei Blade Pump ($720)

Casadei Blade Venezia Sandal ($1,100)

Casadei Blade Pump ($720)

Casadei Blade Penny Sandal ($1,050)

Casadei Blade Lacroc Pump ($750)

Casadei Maxi Blade Boot ($1,100)

Casadei City Light Techno Blade Sandal ($775)