Ana de Armas shares first look as Marilyn Monroe in ‘Blonde’

Blondes really do have more fun. 

Ana de Armas revealed the first photos and video trailer playing Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming Netflix biopic “Blonde,” calling it a “beautiful dream.” 

In the Instagram photos, she’s seen being laced into a corset, posing in casual clam diggers paired with a turtleneck and making her way through the paparazzi in an oversized blazer.

The Cuban actress shared, “Andrew’s ambitions were very clear from the start — to present a version of Marilyn Monroe’s life through her lens. He wanted the world to experience what it actually felt like to not only be Marilyn, but also Norma Jeane. I found that to be the most daring, unapologetic, and feminist take on her story that I had ever seen.”

The “Deep Water” actress wears the Hollywood icon’s famous hot pink dress from “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.”2022 © Netflix

The Bond girl, 34, also channels the Hollywood bombshell in her famous hot pink dress from the 1953 film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and her infamous white dress from the 1955 film “The Seven Year Itch.” 

Actress Elena Furiase commented “I’m still in shock!!” and “Bridgerton” star Phoebe Dynevor responded with a simple “OMG.” 

The “Knives Out” actress wore multiple wigs to capture different blonde moments. 2022 © Netflix

De Armas didn’t go blond for “Blonde,” but she did wear a bald cap for her transformation. “I had to go bald every day…for these wigs that are beautifully made, you can’t have anything dark underneath, so we had to make a bald cap every single day from my forehead to [around] my whole head,” the “Deep Water star told Byrdie.

“It was like, three and a half hours every day of makeup. I think I actually cried the first time I saw [the wigs] on. Probably because I was terrified,” she added.

The Bond girl transformed for the role, wearing a bald cap and wigs. Getty Images for Louis Vuitton

In the teaser released on Thursday, the “Knives Out” actress, who had a high-profile romance with Ben Affleck before splitting at the beginning of 2021, stuns as the legendary actress. The much-anticipated movie is based on the 2000 book by Joyce Carol Oates. 

Blonde is coming to screens in September and is the first Netflix original film with a controversial NC-17 rating.

The actress called playing Marilyn Monroe “a beautiful dream.” 2022 © Netflix