Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s love fated in astrology

Picking up where Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie left off in the goth-hearted romance game, we have love-professing, blood-drinking, tribute tattoo-wearing power couple Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox.

Now that MGK has proposed with a twin flame-themed diamond/emerald engagement ring, we decided it was high time to report on the astrological compatibility fueling the union of our two favorite Tauruses.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly share a zodiac sign

Born May 16, 1986, Megan, 35, is a tactile Taurus with a masturbate-in-the-mirror Leo moon. MGK, 31, was born on April 22, 1990, and is a fellow Taurus with a dreamy “I am weed” Pisces moon.

In astrology, the sun represents our essential selfhood. Matching sun signs suggest that Fox and MGK see themselves reflected in one another, a fine view and a beautiful thing.  Fittingly, the pair has a penchant for taking and posting couple photos in mirrors. As Fox described to GQ: “I recognize so much of myself in him, and vice versa, and that locked-up part of me that I had put away. I’d always felt like there was that thing missing, that I’d given up on, that you’re always seeking. But then you meet the person that completes that for you and you’re like, ‘Oh, this is what my heart was searching for. That’s what that beacon was this whole time.’”

Beacons calling and hearts colliding, we love to see it.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly touch tongues at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards. Getty Images for dcp

Megan Fox models her emerald and diamond engagement ring, designed by fiancé Machine Gun Kelly. Machine Gun Kelly/Instagram

An actualized Taurus is a happy hedonist, content to roam nude through their proverbial pastures, seeking snacks and sex. When two bulls like Fox and MGK take to sharing their green acres, the results are beautiful and binding. The people of the bull love nature and luxury, and thus it comes as no surprise that this engagement took place at a five-star resort under the umbrage of a banyan tree.

Ruled by Venus — the planet of love, attachment and aesthetics — Taurus energy is all about sensory indulgence. To paraphrase a rather gruff bull I know, “feed me and f–k me” are the guiding needs of Taurus — two pursuits MGK and Fox seem to seriously prioritize. The presence of Venus in their relationship also serves to explain why these two look so good together. They share an essential nature and an aesthetic sensibility, exhibited in their outfit coordination and matching manicures. Fox revealed on the red carpet that MGK encouraged her to wear her “naked,” Greek sculpture-meets-Daytona wet T-shirt contest dress to the 2021 VMAs.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox — in her infamous “naked” dress — attend the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards. FilmMagic

Two peas in a pod, two bulls in a pasture

No one commits quite like an earth sign. We see this quality exhibited in Fox’s 16-YEAR relationship with ex-husband Brian Austin Green, with whom she shares three children. MGK has a daughter, Casie, from his previous relationship with Emma Cannon. Loyalty is a hallmark of Taurus energy, and at times that allegiance extends to people, habits and home furnishings that have outlived their usefulness. The sunny side of this tendency is that Taurus is not afraid to go all-in to make it work — suggesting that even when the going gets rough, Fox and MGK are committed to emotional off-roading. As Fox wrote in her post-engagement Instagram post: “Somehow a year and a half later, having walked through hell together, and having laughed more than I ever imagined possible, he asked me to marry him. And just as in every lifetime before this one, and as in every lifetime that will follow it, I said yes.”

Leave it to a lock-it-down Taurus to pledge undying love in past, present and future lifetimes.

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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly hold hands in inexplicable satin outfits at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards. Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Twin flame, same brain

In addition to matching zodiac signs, the pair have Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, conjunct in Taurus. This commonality suggests that the way the two approach and dispense information is very much aligned. Couples with this aspect spend less time explaining, justifying or apologizing, a blessed thing considering Taurus would rather take a tepid bubble bath than utter an “I’m sorry.”

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox share a moment at his secret NoCap Shows x Machine Gun Kelly show in Venice. Getty Images

Mercury in Taurus natives communicate in ways that are direct and border on jarring. This conjunction helps explain why Fox and MGK are apt to publicly express their feelings for each other in language and body art that is powerful and promissory. The two tattooed one another with the words “darkest fairytale,” a tribute to their fated matching. Fox habitually refers to MGK as her “twin flame” and MGK made their romance official with an Instagram post that decreed, “waited for eternity to find you again … ” With Mercury conjunct, these two don’t just feel it y’all — they mean it and they want the world to see it.

Machine Gun Kelly, in a referee-inspired outfit, proposes to Megan Fox.Machine Gun Kelly/Instagram


The moon represents our emotional nature and indicates the nourishment we seek from others; it also reveals the kind of care we did and didn’t receive as children. Fox has a Leo moon, suggesting that she is driven by the pursuit of pleasure and feels most at home when she is adored. MGK has his moon in empathic, escapist Pisces, suggesting he is cut out for caretaking and predisposed to believe in — and dive headlong into — an all-consuming partnership. These moons, and by extension these people, truly feed one another. 

As this video clip reveals, Fox and MGK are no strangers to astrology. By fate or coincidence, MGK proposed to Fox when the moon was moving through Taurus, perhaps a nod to their common ground and cosmic connection. May the gods of goth bind them and the light of love continue to shine upon them.

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