Martha Stewart spills her ‘thirst trap’ beauty tips

Martha Stewart may be 80 years old, but she’s the queen of selfies.

The lifestyle queen’s sexy poolside thirst trap went viral in July 2020 — and now, she’s teaching fans how to put their best faces forward, too.

Stewart teamed up with Clé de Peau Beauté on the brand’s first TikTok campaign (she’s been on the Gen Z-loved app since last year), revealing her pro tips for taking “perfect selfies” on Tuesday.

“First, project fabulous,” the star instructed. “Next, only conceal where needed. Being effortless is key. Now add a touch of gloss.”

The crafting maven swiped on the beauty brand’s Concealer SPF 27 ($75) and Radiant Lip Gloss ($38) during the clip before offering her final tip: saying the “magic phrase” — “Clé de Peau,” of course — for the perfect pout as you snap that pic.

Martha Stewart teaches “Thirst Trap 101” on TikTok.TikTok

“The range of concealer shades come in handy for different concealing tasks. You can use it to cover everything from a blemish to enlarged pores and bruises,” Stewart shared in a press release announcing the partnership.

“I like to apply it with a very soft brush … not just my fingertips. There are lots of good, good, good things to use a concealer for.”

The entrepreneur also said she relies on Clé de Peau to maintain her glowing, ever-youthful complexion.

“I have always been inquisitive about good skincare, and I’ve been using their products for a very long time,” she said. “La Crème ($550) is one of my very favorite face creams, as is their Enhancing Eye Contour Cream Supreme ($280).”

Martha Stewart’s bombshell selfie.Instagram

Stewart shared more tips for aging gracefully in 2020.

“Just eat well, exercise well, garden, climb mountains,” she told “Entertainment Tonight.”

“I climbed Kilimanjaro. For goodness sake, I went up into the Himalayas. You have to do that kind of stuff. That’s the kind of stuff that keeps one vibrant and young and it’s important.”

The domestic diva also said she received “14 proposals” after posting the photo — though in December 2021, revealed she has a secret boyfriend. Sorry, fellas!