Lil Kim Congratulates Beyonce And Megan Thee Stallion For Their Latest Successes

Lil Kim posted a congratulatory message for Beyonce and Megan Thee Stallion for their latest achievements. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account and take a look at Meg’s response as well! ‘SCREAMING CONGRATULATIONS‼️ To my 2 beautiful Queens ‼️👑👑@theestallion, I have watched how hard you worked since you stepped on the scene consistent with your work and your love. You are an amazing talent. Always keep your head to the sky and know you have made your Mommy proud! You deserve it all! May God continue to bless you 🙏🏽’ Lil Kim wrote. ‘And to my Queen Bee Soul Sister, @beyonce, I love you sooo much. We came up together and as hard as I saw you work I always knew there was something special about you. You worked so hard to get to where you are and I knew that one day everything that you accomplished would be rewarded. You deserve every bit of recognition that you receive and thank you for inspiring all women to be independent and strong. You are EVERYTHING. Thanks for my little screen time 😂 and including me with all of the strong women in the industry and always showing me love!! ❤️❤️❤️ I love you BEYONDsay my Queen 👑 Congratulations on making HISTORY 🙌🏽’ Lil Kim posted. A follower posted this message: ‘We all Caught your Iconic Lavendar moment that the girlies are STILL inspired by til this day! 💜’ and someone else said: ‘You cool with Bey? Even though she did a whole song with Onika that you had to jump on a remix to?’ One other follower posted this: ‘Bringing each other up is so powerful!I couldn’t be any more proud of those two beautiful black QUEENS! A tremendous congratulations to them both!!!!’ More fans continued to praise the ladies and their massive success.