Imagine Dragons Release ‘Mercury-Act 2’ Album

The sequel “Mercury-Act 1” turned out to be “pop,” in a good sense of the word. The new Imagine Dragons album “Mercury-Act 2” has appeared on the Web. This is the sequel to the record “Mercury – Act 1”, released in the fall of 2021. “Mercury – Act 2” included 18 songs, including the singles “Bones” and “Sharks.”

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Mercury – Act 2 was executive produced by Rick Rubin. Also on the recording was R&B musician Cory Henry, who worked with Kanye West. “Mercury – Act 2” is currently number one on the iTunes charts in 18 countries. Mercury – Act 2 received mixed reviews from critics. According to the portal The Arts Desk, it starts quite cheerfully but quickly becomes boring. And Riff Magazine, on the contrary, praised Imagine Dragons and gave the album eight points, noting that the musicians “found light in the darkness.” A similar review from the Chicago Sun-Times read that the Imagine Dragons “offer a light at the end of the tunnel” and “reclaimed their stadium groove.” In an interview with Apple Music, Imagine Dragons vocalist Dan Reynolds revealed that the sound of the new record is heavily inspired by hip-hop. Many listeners noted the “lighter” sound of “Mercury – Act 2” compared to the band’s previous work. One fan liked that Imagine Dragons experimented with styles and didn’t forget about creative growth. Others took it negatively-in their opinion, the best times of the team are behind them. Still, there are still more positive comments: even on the strict website AlbumOfTheYear there are quite a few reviews with high marks. In November 2021, during the “hiatus” between “Mercury – Act 1” and “Mercury – Act 2”, Imagine Dragons released the song “Enemy,” which became the title theme of the animated series Arcane. She also went viral on TikTok and had great success on the charts.